Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Exorcist (1973; William Friedkin)

Yes, the "horror classic" of old, The Exorcist. That is about all I got for an introduction.

I have a feeling that almost every single person has seen this movie, so I will make the summary very, very brief. Lady and daughter. Daughter gets possessed. Priests try to save her. Stretch that out for around two hours and you got the idea. This movie is a classic and that would mean you should expect a solid 8, 9, or 10 from me. However, I have a surprise for you.

Why this film is a classic sort of stumps me. Is it the decent looking scares? Is it having a child actor that some people can actually tolerate? Is it having said child actor begging to be fucked? Who knows. I find this films pacing to be quite painful at best, having most of the film crawling like a baby on it's back while sleeping, only to then wake up, join the Olympics, and set a new record for the 100 meter sprint. I suppose that would mean your child would also turn Jamaican. (hah. hah.)

The camera I find very unimaginative, and it feels they only used it because somewhere along the process of making this movie, they learned they needed to. I doubt they even paid someone to use it. They most likely just set it on a tripod and filmed the whole thing from that.

Now, the one thing I will give a decent amount of credit for is the scares. They had the right idea by throwing some very unique feeling moments to add to the mood. I won't list them, because whether you have actually seen it or not, I am sure you can still name every single one of them. All of them were simplistic enough that not much was needed for the effects, making them feel a lot more real.

One last pointer before the score, it has come to my attention that the creators of this film actually do believe in exorcism, which while I know I shouldn't let that effect my judgment of the film, I can't help think of those idiots when I watch it, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Score: 3/5

Notes: Pissing, Flying Priests (Who Then Crash)

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