Sunday, September 14, 2008

TV Shows

I have contemplated for a very long time about whether I would attempt to make reviews of television shows or not. If I chose to, would I separate reviews by seasons? After much contemplation, I decided it would be too hard to effectively summarize television shows without leaking too much to make it sound interesting. However, as I feel television shows are too important to just completely pass over, I decided I would make several posts with names of shows I feel people should not live without. I believe I will do three a post. Here we go...

Six Feet Under (2001; Alan Ball): This is probably my favorite television series of all time. After I finished watching it all, I felt as though I missed all of the characters. As if I had just lost a best friend...

2. House (2004; David Shore): This is a well known show, so I don't feel I have to express much about it.

3. Twin Peaks (1990; David Lynch & Mark Frost): This is a very forgotten show by many it seems, and that is a great shame. While I am a very rare breed (a David Lynch hater), I feel this show is easily one of the greatest shows to grace the screen, and the one exception to my hatred for Lynch (so far).

That length feels about right, so with that, I shall end my first exploration of television.

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