Saturday, September 27, 2008

TV Shows Pt. II

I have been exceedingly lazy lately, so I thought I would at least try to contribute something to this blog before this month ends. So now I will show you three more television shows you need to watch.

1. Shark (2006; Ian Biederman): This seems like your basic law show, except for the fact that it is amazing. I feel there is a lot more dimension added to "Shark" as a character then what most law shows put into theirs, as well as the fact that this show puts a lot of stress on the many loopholes and flaws in our current system.

2. The Big Bang Theory (2007; Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady): While this is a relatively new show, it has shown that it is loaded to the brim with potential. Every episode is full of original humor with some very memorable characters.

3. The Universe (2007; Discovery Channel): Yeah, there is no creator listed, so I just put the channel. I thought I would stray off the beaten path and list a very interesting (and sometimes annoyingly dumbed down) show about what we are constantly learning about the Universe we live in. If you are a fan of science, give it a whirl.

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