Thursday, October 9, 2008

TV Shows Pt. III

I have become extremely lazy and not reviewed anything for a long while as most of my time has been spent watching Six Feet Under through again. Another reason, as if the first wasn't enough, is that I have been waiting for some movies to come from my good friends at wtfdvds. So, just to show that I am not just neglecting this site on purpose, I will throw some more television shows out there.

1. Arrested Development (2003; Mitchell Hurwitz): This show came across as a fresh breath of air for awkward comedy. The genius behind a lot of the coincidences is just outstanding.

2. Monk (2002; Andy Breckman): This wonderfully enjoyable show, sort of like Shark, is a wonderful spin on a worn out piece of subject matter. This show began as a nod to Sherlock Holmes, but has grown so much in popularity that it has become it's own legend.

3. Psych (2006; Steve Franks): On the note of fresh spins on worn out subject matter, I bring you Psych. Like Monk, it began as new version of Sherlock Holmes. Differing from Monk however, it brings forth a younger cast with a whole different direction in it's comedy. It also brings forth a psychic element which only adds to the humor.

And that concludes this new post. My next one will (hopefully) be soon when I get my hands on my new DVD's.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to like Californication. I think even more than Dexter!