Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Camping del Terrore (1987; Ruggero Deodato)

"You know what I think about Democracy... let alone campers".

Yeah, that's right. That is a quote from this movie.

This is a slasher film, so what do you honestly want me to say? There are kids who go camping and get knifed.

Going into this, the first thoughts I had were as follows.

1. It is a Ruggero Deodato film, so I can expect some original kills, a decent to wonderful soundtrack, and some well executed camera work.

2. It is an 80's slasher, so some terrible acting, poor script work, and teenage nudity.

Can you guess how much of that was accurate? Yeah, all of it. We are treated to a delightful soundtrack that is truly leagues above the rest of the film. I mean seriously, I find a lot of his music to be absolutely amazing.

The kill scenes and the killer himself look fine, which helps lend a little credit to the awkward performances by the killee's. I can't really move around this review very much because it is almost like slashers have their own set of rules so nitpicking isn't going to get me very far. So instead of me trying anymore, I will just leave it as this.

This movie blends Deodato's style of film making with the genericism (that isn't even a word, I bet) of 80's slashers. In even shorter terms, this is the perfect film for any slasher fan or any Deodato fan.

Score: 3/5
or for Deodato/Slasher fans
Score: 4/5

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